Canada’s construction industry poised for modernization

The big story about Canadian construction is that it continues to show signs of resilience to the pandemic.  In one of many positive signs, BuildForce Canada announced April 1 that Ontario and Nova Scotia will “lead the way” for new construction jobs, according to its 2021–2030 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward report . But that’s only part of the story. There are several reasons why the Canadian construction industry will likely become one of the most modern, stable construction industries in the world.  Canada’s political climate lacks the polarization that often prevents governments from passing important legislation for re-investment in infrastructure.  Leaders in the construction industry are already making strides to improve recruitment, which will be crucial to ensuring we have skilled workers that can do the work as older generations retire.  And some of the biggest construction business and trade organizations have begun outreach efforts to close the gender gap and

Amid pandemic, hopeful signs in development sector

Construction remains one of the most important industries for the Canadian economy, employing 1.2 million people who represent 7 percent of the country’s workforce. The industry could be worth $455 billion by 2024, according to a report from Randstad.  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every part of the economy, of course, including construction, and industry experts said it could take years before investments rise back to pre-pandemic levels.  However, there are hopeful signs.  The development and construction industry have not been hampered by social distancing measures as much as other sectors, like restaurants and retail, and engineering construction continues to offset declines in ICI construction (industrial, commercial and institutional).  Industry experts expect that trend to continue for several more years, according to Daily Commercial News .  Construction revenues overall have remained stable in Canada and the US. As governments look for ways to reinvest, the construction